Wind Farms

  • 260 MW of Wind Farms in operation
  • 1.350 MW of Wind Farms under development of which 450 MW Offshore
  • Working closely with PPC and Independent Producers
  • Wind Energy Potential Assessment, Feasibility and EIA Studies, Permits engineering, all conducted and administrated by ΙΤΑ.

Wind Potential Measurement

  • 130 meteo stations 10, 20, 30, 40 and 60 meter high in about 100 sites throughout Greece.
  • 20 stations are erected according to ISO17025, as certified by ESYD.

Wind Powered Desalination

Desalination using Wind Energy on the island of Milos.
With a capacity of 4.500 m³ of potable water per day and expansion capability for additional 2.000 m³, to cover the whole island needs for at least two more decades.