Midiki Serron S.A., located in Serres ,Northern Greece,is the largest alfalfa dehydration plant in Greece, producing more than 27,000 tons of top-quality animal feed per year while the contracted farmers cultivate 20,000 acres of alfalfa.

The alfalfa cultivation is carried out in fields in a radius of 20 km around our premises, by experienced Serres farmers, under the guidance of scientific staff of the company and in the framework of Notary Agriculture.

Cutting, transport and crop drying is entirely carried out by Alfalfa Serres S.A., so that the farmers are not directly depended on the weather conditions. When the harvest is in its optimal stage of development, cutting is performed with top crushers-equipped lawnmowers . After cutting, the hay is transported by silage wagons immediately to the plant, thus avoiding leaves and protein loss and keeping the vibrant green color in the finished product.

The thermal energy required for the alfalfa dehydration is supplied by the nearby Cogeneration & District Heating Plant THERMI SERRES SA, in the form of hot water- an entirely environmentally friendly method. The dehydration process is being carried out on a belt dryer using hot air flow below 100oC, that maintains all the nutrients of the alfalfa and ensures the production of high nutritional value quality feed.

The final product is formed in 550kg high compression packages, of 155x117x79cm dimensions, to facilitate storage and transport.