Since 1990, ITA has had an active presence in the fields of Combined Heat and Power Generation and District Heating. The company is a member of the Hellenic Association forCogeneration (CHP).

The company has participated in District Heating projects in co-operation with leading Greek and foreign construction and energy companies, supplying district heating equipment, know how, technical support, project management and construction supervision for the following projects:

  • District Heating of the city of Kozani, Greece.
  • District Heating of the community of Nimfasia, Greece.
  • Pre-insulated pipe system for TITAN cement factory, Greece.
  • District Heating of Sofia, Bulgaria

Furthermore, ITA participates in THERMI SERRES S.A., the project company now implementing a CHP and District Heating plant in Serres, Greece.

The THERMIE SERRES plant operates as an independent combined heat and power station of total electrical power of 16,5 MWe and 91,5 MWth thermal power. The main fuel is natural gas. Hot water from the CHP station provides the city of Serres with heat and hot tap water through the district-heating network.

The energy produced will be sold to the Hellenic Transmission System Operator (HTSO) in accordance to the provisions of Law 2773/99.

ITA is currently developing similar investment plans for other cities in Northern and Central Greece. Production and installation permits have already been obtained for the cities of Drama and Kavala, thus giving the respective project companies a significant monopoly advantage according to the existing law.